World Athletics Championships Budapest 23


World Athletics Championships in Budapest from 19-27 August 2023

The biggest event in Hungary’s history, the World Athletics Championships, will be held in 2023 in Budapest. More than 2,000 athletes from more than 200 countries will come to Hungary to celebrate the queen of sports and take part in the third biggest sporting event in the world.

The World Athletics Championships Budapest 2023 are about showing the world the best that Hungary has to offer, a true celebration of sport on a unique stage. It is the first time that athletics’ top event will be held in Central Europe, in one of the world’s most impressive cities. With its world heriatage sites and world-famous panorama, Budapest will provide the perfect backdrop for the athletes and the fans.

A brand new venue will make the 2023 World Athletics Championships even more exciting. The new National Athletics Centre, which is still under construction, has just taken its final shape: it resembles the crown of the Queen of Sports. The state-of-the-art, purpose-built facility will not only be the new home of athletics, but also the largest competition and training centre in Central Europe.

We don’t just want to build a brand for the 9-day event, we want the legacy of the World Championships to live on. We want to take the sport to new heights and make an impact on everyday people and the younger generation. The stars of the World Championships will be superheroes and everyday heroes. The superheroes are the athletes competing at the World Championships who push the physical limits of humanity every day. Everyday heroes are the people who get off the couch, walk, run and push themselves to live healthier lives. 

Be part of the magic at the World Athletics Championships in Budapest from 19-27 August 2023, where the crown of the Queen of Sports will once again shine beautifully.

Author: sportpress