TRIATHLON: World Triathlon Championship Finals Pontevedra

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WTCF 2023, in Pontevedra, 20-24 Sept.

The Pontevedra World Triathlon championship Finals is undoubtedly one of the most important sporting events of the year and for the first time, the greatest triathlon spectacle in the world will take place in Spain. This event will take place from 20 to 24 September and Pontevedra is already prepared to welcome the best triathletes in the world.

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Startlist Elite Women:

Start NumFirst NameLast NameYOBCountry
7JeanneLehair1996 LUX

Results Women:

2023 World Triathlon Championship Finals Pontevedra

22 – 24 Sep, 2023 • event page • all results

Results: Elite Men
1.Dorian Coninx FRA01:42:22
2.Tim Hellwig GER01:42:22
3.Pierre Le Corre FRA01:42:22
4.Léo Bergere FRA01:42:28
5.Lasse Lührs GER01:42:44
Results: Elite Women
1.Beth Potter GBR01:53:19
2.Kate Waugh GBR01:53:37
3.Cassandre Beaugrand FRA01:53:50
4.Lisa Tertsch GER01:54:01
5.Rachel Klamer NED01:54:08
13.Jeanne Lehair LUX01:54:50
Results: U23 Men
1.Simon Henseleit GER01:45:18
2.Baptiste Passemard FRA01:45:30
3.Mitch Kolkman NED01:45:42
4.Panagiotis Bitados GRE01:45:56
5.Daniel Dixon GBR01:46:01
46.Lucas Cambresy LUX01:55:20
Results: U23 Women
1.Selina Klamt GER01:57:48
2.Maria Tomé POR01:57:50
3.Angelica Prestia ITA01:58:25
4.Cathia Schär SUI01:58:53
5.Tanja Neubert GER01:59:12

Author: sportpress