MARATHON: EDP Maratona Do Porto


Organizing a Marathon is not an easy task, running a Marathon is also something that requires us a lot and a lot of training work, especially based on good planning, so that on the day of the event everything goes for the best, in short, with the greatest pleasure possible.

The EDP Marathon in Porto, with its 18th anniversary, starts its publicity campaign, with a view to the 19th. Edition, in 2023 to November 5, starting at 8:00 am, and as in the past, we intend to make this EDP Porto Marathon an event of national and international reference.

Come be part of this great event and guarantee your registration now!

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Pos.Esc.Pos. Esc.BlBNameGenderNat.Time
1M3519Emmanuel KemboiMKE02:14:13
2M2017Simion TarusMKE02:14:40
3M2026Ashenafi BojaMET02:15:24
4M2033Dereje AduagnaMET02:15:32
5M4014Abraham BiwottMKE02:16:36
6M20488Gerald VincentMKE02:18:15
7M20511Debelu Edae BokaMET02:18:24
8M20610Afewerki ZeruMUS02:18:54
9M20724José SousaMPT02:19:17
10M35221Carlos CostaMPT02:20:27
11M35328Anton TishakinMRU02:21:34
12M20819Said AmeqraneMMA02:23:26
13M20990Zacarias SitoeMMZ02:28:31
14M201029Fabio OliveiraMPT02:29:12
15M201122Nuno CostaMPT02:31:09
16M2012643Fábio ReisMPT02:31:16
17M40230Hermano FerreiraMPT02:32:06
18F20120Tejitu Siyum AlemayehuFET02:32:06
19M201325Jorge Santa CruzMPT02:32:46
20M3548James KorirMKE02:33:03
* Best Men

Pos.Esc.Pos. Esc.BIBNameGenderNat.Time
18F20120Tejitu Siyum AlemayehuFET02:32:06
25F20214Sinke DessieFET02:36:17
41F20313Mildred ChepkemeiFKE02:44:33
* Best Ladies

Pos.Esc.Pos. Esc.BiBNameGenderNat.Time
1101M451958875Philippe EngelMLU03:42:19
1396M452498316Daniel SchmitMLU03:50:39
2954F45916192Alex TrentinFLU05:08:41
* Best Luxembourger

Author: Runner