World Martial Arts Combat Games


World Combat Games

Where:Riyadh, Riad, Al Malaz, Provinz Riad, Saudi-Arabien
World Martial Arts Combat Games from 20th to 30th Octobre 2023


The World Combat Games, an international multi-sport festival bringing together ancient traditions, exciting competitions and sport demonstrations, will feature 16 combat sports and martial arts competitions, sports demonstrations and educational conferences hosted by leading martial arts experts.

Moreover, the event will host the first World Martial Arts Gala, honouring the legends of martial arts and combat sports.


Karate is a martial art that originated in Okinawa, Japan in the 14th  century. Karate comprises blocks, punches, kicks and throws that  are performed using the practitioner’s hands and feet. The karate competition consists of kata (forms) and kumite  (sparring). Kata are demonstrations of forms consisting of a  series of offensive and defensive movements, targeting a virtual  opponent. In kumite, two karateka face each other in a matted  competition area; athletes score points by completing a series of  blows on the target area of their opponent’s body.


Aikido is a modern Japanese martial art with deep roots in  traditional Japanese fighting arts, either empty-handed or  with weapons. It evolved into non-violence, becoming a non-  competitive martial art with the objective of self-improvement. Aikido is an effective martial art, blending with the force of the opponent without being destructive and, as such, is  used by law enforcement agencies in Japan and many other  countries. Aikido is categorised as a demonstration martial art  by alternating attacks and defences. The sport does not have  gender or weight classifications.


Armwrestling is a strength sport in which two athletes grip each other’s hand. The goal is to pin the other’s arm onto the surface, the winner’s arm over the loser’s arm. Armwrestling sport test at the highest level the arms power, strength, endurance, technique, strategy, experience and passion. World Armwrestling Federation (WAF) has been founded in 1977 and is now an Organization of more than 90 Members.


Boxing is a combat sport in which two athletes, wearing protective gloves, throw punches at each other for a predetermined amount of time in a boxing ring. A boxer is declared the winner when the opponent is down and does not resume within 10 counts. Failing this, the winner is declared through a scoring system.

It is a skilled sport that tests athletes’ ability to fight safely and under specific rules. In return, it develops athletes’ reflexes and speed, and physical and mental strength.


A combat sport in which athletes use blades (foil, sabre or epee) to score points by making contact with key areas on the opponent’s body. Focus is on speed, agility and precision of the athletes.


Judo, which means the “gentle way” is a Japanese combat  sport based on strong moral values. It was invented by  Professor Jigoro Kano in 1882 and has become a major player  in the Olympic Movement. It is a grappling discipline where  the object is to either throw the opponent to the ground and  subdue him/her using a hold down or force submission using  an armlock or strangle. Judo is not only a combat sport but is also an educational tool, used to create the conditions of a  better society.


JJIF is the recognised International Federation for this  martial art, which has a history of more than 600 years. In the  tradition of self-defence serving the human being. Different styles are represented and welcome. As a modern sport, JJIF regulates competitions in four different disciplines. Ju-jitsu is a sport in the World Games and the Asian Games, and the  127 member countries are governed from the headquarters in  Abu Dhabi: the “Capital of Ju-Jitsu”.


Kendo is a type of martial art in which practitioners wear protective  armour (kendo-gu) consisting of a mask (men), gauntlets (kote),  torso protector (do) and lower body protector (tare), and use  bamboo swords (shinai) to engage in one-on-one combat as they  compete to score valid strikes against each other.

As a traditional form of Japanese culture, kendo is a martial art in  which emphasis is placed on etiquette, and practitioners continue  training throughout their lives to forge their spirit and temper their  body in the quest for self-perfection.


WAKO promotes seven disciplines witin its rules: ring – full contact,  low kick and K1 style, and tatami – point fighting, kick light, light contact and musical forms. These disciplines enable and  enhance life-long learning and participation. Kickboxing helps  athletes achieve a health-enhancing life of physical activity in  a  safe/controlled recreational and competition environment,  encouraging people to understand and respect individual  differences among people in class/competition. The variety  gives a diverse opportunity to train/exercise in different ways.


Muaythai is an ancient martial art and combat sport that  integrates tradition and values, combined with incredible  spectator appeal. It is known as the science of eight limbs.  Practitioners execute strikes using eight points of contact  known as “weapons”: fists, shins, knees and elbows. Full  contact technique allows kick, punch, knee and elbow striking  at all ranges; clinching, where fighters can effectively strike with  the elbow and knee; and sweeping tactics. Muaythai is a sport  and art for everybody, with many different disciplines, and the  ring sport will be featured at the World Combat Games.


Sambo is a unique, modern sport with a great history. It is a universal  type of combat sport, united in its arsenal of the most effective  techniques of various world combat and martial arts: throws, and  submission locks on hands and legs. In combat sambo, punches  and kicks are allowed, as well as strangle techniques. Sambo does not bring aggression but, rather, gives people peace of mind,  physical strength, self-confidence and health. Sambo promotes  the values of fair play, equality and a level field of play. The sambo  system is open for development, and experts are continually  discovering more new features of this wonderful martial art.


Savate is a traditional French combat sport in which fighters  employ kicking and striking techniques. It differs from  kickboxing and muaythai in that the fighters wear shoes and the  kicks are performed at long range, using the feet only. Fighters  cannot use the knees or shins and do not use clinching or  grappling techniques. The savate concept is to touch without  being touched, by using mobility and accuracy. Savate is a  graceful combat sport with a strong emphasis on technique.


Sumo is a competitive contact sport and the most suitable to fulfil  the aim of enriching “Soul, Skill and Body”. A match ls played  between two players, designated east and west. They make the  best possible use of the 4.55 metre diameter dohyo and fight,  almost naked, using their full strength to force their opponent out  of the dohyo or to touch the ground with any part of the body  other than the soles of the feet. A good sumo athlete respects  their opponent, and whether victorious or defeated, they leave the  dohyo with honour for a bout well played.


Taekwondo is a sport originating in Korea; literally, its  name means “the way of kicking and punching”. As a full-contact  sport, it is well known for fast and dynamic kicks and punches. It  has both sparring and non-sparring disciplines. Kyorug is sparring  between two individuals or two teams; poomsae, a non-sparring  discipline, is a series of movements for offence and defence  techniques against an imaginary opponent. The harmonisation of  sparring and non-sparring makes taekwondo a lifetime pursuit and  is loved by men and women of all ages.


Wrestling represents one of the oldest forms of combat and  featured in the ancient Olympic Games 708 BC. Greco-  Roman and freestyle wrestling are the Olympic disciplines; for  the World Combat Games, the three disciplines that will be  included are grappling, pankration and belt wrestling.

In grappling, the aim is to take the opponent on the ground and get a  submission by chokes and locks. Grappling has two styles:  grappling and grappling gi.

Pankration blends wrestling and striking techniques. It has  two styles: pankration (full contact) and pankration athlima  (semi contact).

Belt wrestling involves belted wrestlers who aim to throw  each other to the mat using their two-handed belt grip.


Wushu, also referred to as kung fu, is the collective term for  the martial arts practices that originated in China. Over its  long history, wushu developed into numerous distinct styles  and systems, each incorporating its own techniques, tactics,  principles and methods, as well as the use of a wide variety  of traditional weapons. Wushu as a sport came into its own as two distinct disciplines: taolu, defined by performance routines,  and sanda, a full-contact combat sport.

Author: sportpress