UCI World Championships Cyclocross Tabor 2024, Preview

Tábor, Czech Republic 02 Feb – 04 Feb 2024 Class CM – UCI World Championships

Website https://www.mstabor2024.cz/en/ Email info@cyklokros.cz

Source: Twitter – Cyclocross Social

The UCI Cyclo-Cross World Championships are the annual cyclo-cross championships organized by the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) for riders from around the world.

The event replaced the Critérium International de Cyclo-Cross in 1950, but was introduced in its current form until 2020. The World Championships will feature 6 competitions: men’s elite, women’s elite, men’s U23, women’s U23, men’s U19 (junior men) and women’s U19 (junior women). As in world championships in other cycling disciplines, the winner receives a gold medal and the famous rainbow jersey. The world champions may wear the rainbow jersey until the following year’s world championships.

The 75th edition of the UCI Cyclo-Cross World Championships will be held in Tabor, Czech Republic, on January 27-28, 2024.

Author: Cyclisto Caffè