CYCLOCROSS: Brumath Bike Festival by Lollier Ingénierie

Brumath, France 08 Oct 2023 Class C1 – Class 1

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CX – Brumath CX: C1, 2023 | WOMEN

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CX – Brumath CX: C1, 2023 | MEN

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Cyclocross is a unique, non-Olympic cycling discipline that can best be described as a blend of road cycling, mountain biking and obstacle course racing.

Most competitors actually use modified road bikes. These road bikes are then equipped with thin, ribbed tires, disc brakes, and a slightly different geometry that allows for better distance to the ground when the cyclists jump over various obstacles.

Cyclocross races are usually held on a closed circuit, with participants who completing multiple laps. Since the cyclocross season usually takes place from October to February, races are often featured by adverse weather conditions such as snow, rain, wind and mud.

The cyclists begin in mass start mode and they have to move even on rough terrain, often descending from their bikes to overcome obstacles, climb steep hills or stairs, or overcome other obstacles.


Author: Cyclisto Caffè