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With the tremendous growth in interest and participation in recent years, the Gravel movement is seeing the birth of professional competitions.

The Serenissima Gravel, is confirmed as an unmissable event, with its in-line formula and the circuit final which makes the event even more spectacular to see and, of course, to experience.

The route will see the number ones in cycling alternating white roads with single track sections, offering a wide technical range and guaranteed entertainment, also thanks to the wonderful landscapes crossed that are a true hymn to the beauty of the Veneto nature.

The team formula, without the use of transmitters and with the possibility of carrying tools for repairs, brings the race back to a dimension of adventure and challenge that is often lacking in most aseptic modern competitions.

A race that promises excitement and fun for everyone.


Serenissima Gravel Gravel, 2021 | MEN

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Serenissima Gravel Gravel, 2022 | MEN

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The race place chosen for this new edition is the one of Cittadella (Padua), which will be the start and finish, and the gravel roads around the river Brenta, which will be decisive in selecting the successor of Alexey Lutsenko and Robin Froidevaux, winners in the first two years. It will be a circuit of 37 km to be repeated 4 times to characterize this season’s race.

The start will be from the beating heart of Cittadella, Piazza Luigi Pierobon, and will touch the municipalities of Fontaniva (PD), Tezze sul Brenta (VI) and Cartigliano (VI), before returning around  the walls of Cittadella. Altitude difficulties are not expected, but of the 37 km of ring, 24 kms are on a gravel road, which means that runners will have to avoid rocks and breathe dust for 96 km overall. Particularly noteworthy is the off-road stretch along the Brenta River, which stretches for almost 15 km and will also pass through the “Park of Amicizia” and the Park of Basse del Brenta, before returning to Cittadella.

Serenissima Gravel Gravel, 2023 | MEN

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Author: Cyclisto Caffè