CYCLOCROSS: Calendar Exact Cross 2023-2024

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Exact Cross 2023-2024
This year’s Exact Cross cyclocross season features seven exciting top crosses and once again promises to provide spectacle. The business software specialist lends its name to the Exact Cross, which started in Beringen in October. In December it is the turn of the crosses in Essen, Mol and Loenhout. Still on the calendar for the second part of the cyclocross series are Zonnebeke, Maldegem and Sint-Niklaas. Are all the Exact Crossen already in red in your calendar?

Exact Cross Beringen 8 OKT 2023 Be-Mine Cross Class C2 – Class 2
Exact Cross Essen 9 DEC 2023 Robotland Cyclo-Cross Class C2 – Class 2
Exact Cross Mol 22 DEC 2023 Zilvermeercross Class C2 – Class 2
Exact Cross Loenhout 29 DEC 2023 Azencross – Loenhout Class C1 – Class 1
Exact Cross Zonnebeke 20 JAN 2024 Kasteelcross – Zonnebeke Class C2 – Class 2
Exact Cross Maldegem 7 FEB 2024 Parkcross Maldegem Class C2 – Class 2
Exact Cross Sint-Niklaas 17 FEB 2024 Waaslandcross Class C2 – Class 2

Author: Cyclisto Caffè