CYCLING: La Stelvio Santini

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CYCLING: La Stelvio Santini on 2. June 2024

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Logo restyling marks a major turning point in the transition from Granfondo Stelvio Santini to La Stelvio Santini. A completely new identity, a clean, versatile and recognizable design to make La Stelvio Santini a more international and modern brand. The elongated and distinctive shape of the “L” represents a clear break with the past, while the double “S” in Stelvio Santini recalls the hairpin bends and iconic climbs that make this route unique.
With the new logo, La Stelvio Santini is ready to open its doors to a new generation of cyclists.

Long distance: Bormio – Teglio – Passo Mortirolo – Bormio – Stelvio; 156,8 km/ 4720 hm
Medium distance: Bormio – Teglio – Bormio – Stelvio; 135.5 km/ 3549 hm.
Short route: Bormio – Sondalo – Bormio – Stelvio; 62,3 km/ 2605 hm


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Closing date: 15. May 2024

Author: Cyclisto Caffè