Viessmann FIS Ski Jumping World Cup, Ladies Two Nights Tour

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Eva Pinkelnig won the second competition of the Two-Nights Tour in Oberstdorf on New Year’s Day with jumps of 132.5 and 129 meters and 272.1 points. Second place and thus the best World Cup result went to Abigail Strate from Canada with 131 and 128.5 meters and 269.4 points. Third place was tied with Norway’s Eirin Maria Kvandal (131.5 and 127 m) and Pinkelnig’s teammate Jacqueline Seifriedsberger (129.5 and 126 m) with 261.6 points each.

The victory in the two-nights classification and prize money of 10,000 euros went to Nika Prevc. Eva Pinkelnig and Abigail Strate secured second place and 5,000 as well as third place and 3,000 euros.

Women’s Large Hill HS142, Garmich-Partenkirchen

“Olympiaschanze”: The ski jump in Garmisch-Partenkirchen at a glance
Name: “Olympiaschanze”
Hill size (HS): 142 m
K-Point: 125 m
Hill record: 144 m (Dawid Kubacki, 01/01/2021)
Height of the take-off: 3.13 m
Inclination of the take-off: 11°
Inclination of landing slope: 34.7°
Year of construction: 2007
Spectator capacity: 20,000

December 30, 2023, Garmich-Partenkirchen
  •  1st Run: 17:45 CET
  •  2nd Run: 18:44 CET

Women’s Large Hill HS137, Obertsdorf (GER)

“Schattenbergschanze”: The ski jump in Oberstdorf at a glance
Name: “Schattenbergschanze”
Hill size (HS): 137 m
K-Point: 120 m
Hill record: 143.5 m (Sigurd Pettersen, 29.12.2003)
Height of the take-off: 3.38 m
Inclination of take-off: 11°
Inclination of landing hill: 35.5°
Year of construction: 2003
Spectator capacity: 25,500

January 01, 2024, Obertsdorf (GER)
  •  1st Run (Quali): 15:00 CET
  •  2nd Run: 16:15 CET

Author: Skifredo