CYCLING: UEC Track Elite European Championships, Apeldoorn (NL)

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Apeldoorn, Netherlands 10 Jan – 14 Jan 2024 Class CC – Continental Championships

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As part of Gelderland’s leading group on making Top Sporting Events more sustainable, the European Track Cycling Championship is being used as a pioneer in the field of sustainability. Does this mean that we execute everything perfectly and organize CO2 neutral? Unfortunately not, but we try to make the most sustainable choice in every area. Some of the most impactful initiatives can be found on this page.


MVOmnispport and green key

As host of the European Track Cycling Championships, we need a venue that is itself strongly committed to sustainability. With our partner Omnisport Apeldoorn, we have already started many initiatives to become more sustainable. With among other things the certificate ”Green Key Gold” as a result.

Event initiatives

As can be seen, much is already being done in and around Omnisport. These are mostly initiatives that the European Championship Track Cycling can do little to change (solar panels, heat pumps, bus stops). This is why the EK focuses on topics where impact can still be made.

Transportation/LogisticsThere is a strong focus on collaborations with local parties. This reduces the distance driven by our suppliers and CO2 emissions.

There is a strong focus on rethinking transportation. If you are going to travel to omnisport apeldoorn always use the following roadmap when you choose your transport:

1. The first choice is walking to Omnisport.

2. The second choice is cycling

3. Then consider public transportation (train/bus)

4. If you do travel to Omnisport Apeldoorn by car, use the Slinger app via our website and at least fill your car as much as possible.

5. If you do come alone, at least choose (where possible) for the electric car.

To encourage these choices, a secure bicycle parking area will be facilitated at the EC, among other things. Keep following our pages to hear what other advantages you can expect as a visitor on your bike.


The first gain for sustainability can be found in the purchasing of goods. Everything we do not buy is not thrown away. We consciously buy (not) products in order to determine what will remain in waste.
Our crew eats mostly vegetarian and our public catering is also mostly vegetarian.

Porcelain is used whenever possible, reducing disposable tableware as much as possible.

Our chefs make food as fresh as possible. Indeed, food may legally be presented very briefly after preparation. Making fresh food means less throwing away.

Collaborations are sought with initiatives such as To Good To Go. If there is food left over at the end of the day, you may just be able to score a tasty sandwich for the road at a very low price.

WasteWe separate waste carefully. This is reflected in several waste islands, using 5 types of waste bins. This is used in the audience areas as well as in the midfield for the teams and backstage for the crew.

PET bottles for charity. All our PET bottles are collected and returned to our supplier. The deposit will benefit the Wildlands foundation. Less waste and helping the animals in 1 so.

Our Green Team ensures that this waste at the rear of Omnisport apeldoorn also ends up in the right waste presses.

Because less is purchased there is less waste. This was briefly explained under the heading hospitality, but plays strongly in our waste.

If we do have waste, we try to give it a second life. Among other things, we turn our event banners into shopping bags for sale at our next event. Have you already seen the bags from the 2018 Track Cycling World Championships and the 2019 Track Cycling European Championships?


You will regularly see something pass by about sustainability, your sustainable choice and how you can best do your part. After all, without communicating, you won’t know about our initiatives. Curious about how you can get to the European Championships as sustainably as possible, stay tuned via our website and social media.

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Author: Cyclisto Caffè