Are you at a loss? Let’s go through the rules, which can vary depending on the club or association

In terms of duration, the number of people on the pitch and the size of the pitch, walking football is similar to Foot5. However, there is one big difference: while Foot5 requires more of a non-stop effort, Walking Football is played while walking.

If you feel inspired, your run or acceleration is penalized with a free kick. And depending on the rules, free kicks may only be taken indirectly. So don’t rely on finding out if you can still clear the skylight with a shot over the wall. In any case, many clubs don’t allow the ball to go above hip or head height.

But surely it takes forever to run up the pitch? Yes and no, because the number of contacts with the ball is often limited to three before you have to play a pass.

What about the defense? Contact between opponents is limited or non-existent, and tackling is prohibited. This is good because you can avoid attempting a slide tackle without momentum.

Walking Football in Germany

Walking Football in Switzerland–zweck

Author: Albert