RUGBY: EUROPE CONFERENCE 2023/24 #March 2024

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RUGBY: EUROPE CONFERENCE 2023/24 #March 2024 Competitions March 2024

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Rugby is increasingly popular in Luxembourg, and the progress of the national team in recent years has been nothing short of remarkable. The Luxembourg Rugby Federation has worked tirelessly to develop the sport in the country, and the selection of the team for this important match reflects the fruits of their work.

Rugby is growing in Luxembourg, but access to pitches remains a challenge

The sport of rugby is experiencing significant growth in Luxembourg, and the Luxembourg Rugby Federation (FLR) reports an increase in interest and participation. Despite this positive trend, access to rugby venues remains a challenge for enthusiasts and the federation expects to welcome over 1000 licensed members by the end of the 2023-24 season.

Rugby, known for its physicality, teamwork, and strong sense of community, has gained increasing popularity in the Grand Duchy. The FLR attributes this growth to increased awareness, successful grassroots initiatives, and a growing pool of talented athletes in the country.

However, as the popularity of rugby continues to grow, access to suitable pitches for training and competitive matches has become a pressing issue. The FLR recognizes the challenge of securing quality rugby facilities for its members and remains committed to working with local authorities to address this concern.

Fixtures Rugby XV Conference 23/24:

Conference will consist of seventeen teams in the 2023/24 Division in a new-look format. 

Author: sportpress