ATHLETICS: European Athletics Championships Rome (ITA)

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Rome, Italy 07.06.2024 -12.06.2024

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Historic Selection for Luxembourg Athletics! 🇱🇺✨

Luxembourg athletics hits a record with six athletes heading to the European Championships in Rome, June 7-12! 🏅

Top 10 athletes Bob Bertemes @bob.bertemes and Patrizia Van der Weken @patriziavdw lead the team, with Charel @charelgrethen ready to shine again after last year’s World Championships semifinals. Plus, Charline Mathias @charlinemathias and Ruben Querinjean @aquajoggman are back strong from injuries and Vera Hoffmann @vera.hoffmann1500 keeps getting stronger !

Ruben Querinjean 15th in the men’s 3000 m steeplechase
Vera Hoffmann, 14th in the women’s 1500 m
Charline Mathias, 12th in women’s 800 m
Bob Bertemes, 6th in men’s shot put
Patricia Van Der Weken, 4th in women’s 100 m

Here’s the countdown to a historic and sporting milestone

From June 7-12, 2024, the continent’s best athletes will compete at the Olympic Stadium, Foro Italico Park and some of Rome’s most picturesque streets, 50 years after the European Athletics Championships were held in Rome in 1974 and for the third time ever in Italy after the first edition in Turin 1934.

The European Athletics Championships in Rome 2024 will precede the start of the Summer Olympic Games in Paris by a month and a half and will therefore represent a crucial competitive test for athletes ahead of the next Olympic event.

Day by day competition schedule

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