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A cycle marathon of real superlatives: 5500 altitude meters and 4 Alpine passes have to be conquered on a total distance of 227 km. Only with your own muscle power and a cast-iron will. From Sölden the loop track leads to South Tyrol and back to the starting point. To master this ultimate challenge is considered a long-cherished dream for many athletes. Among thousands of interested athletes every year, only 4000 have the opportunity to make their dream come true. They can look forward to one of the highly coveted and limited starting places. In September the “Ötztaler” myth attracts cycling enthusiasts from all over the world. After some exhausting mountain stages many participants have reached their personal goal by passing the finish line. The registration period starts already in January, so just try your luck online!


09.07.2023 | START 6:30 A.M. | SÖLDEN


Women – Frauen / Donne Overall
#NameSölden – OetzOetz – KühtaiKühtai- Innsbr.Innsbr.- BrennerBrenner- GasteigGasteig-JaufenJaufen- St.LeonhSt.Leonh.-SchönauSchönau – TjochUphill TjochTjoch-ZielStat.Time+Cat.
1.Meyer Janine34.57,81:00.13,841.01,31:06.23,727.27,152.03,527.36,11:00.06,145.46,51:45.52,632.11,2Finish7:27.47,1FK11.(1320)
2.Arnaudo Samantha35.07,71:02.29,742.56,61:08.53,328.43,654.11,128.22,81:03.53,048.10,81:52.03,834.38,0Finish7:47.26,6+19.39,5FAK1.(272)
3.Rossmann Catherine35.33,21:07.48,342.59,91:08.17,428.17,857.27,928.44,31:05.50,451.26,41:57.16,833.47,3Finish8:00.12,9+32.25,8FAK2.(2)
Men – Männer / Uomini Overall
#NameSölden – OetzOetz – KühtaiKühtai- Innsbr.Innsbr.- BrennerBrenner- GasteigGasteig-JaufenJaufen- St.LeonhSt.Leonh.-SchönauSchönau – TjochUphill TjochTjoch-ZielStat.Time+Cat.
1.Senni Manuel34.44,956.14,839.22,11:06.54,126.43,445.21,323.48,151.13,136.24,41:27.37,528.32,1Finish6:49.18,3MAK1.(53)
2.Lakata Alban34.43,556.09,039.29,21:06.54,426.42,745.21,624.11,350.49,637.55,41:28.45,029.42,6Finish6:51.59,3+2.41,0MK11.(40)
3.Hoogerland Johnny34.42,656.15,539.24,21:06.54,726.41,445.20,423.49,351.13,539.27,31:30.40,829.24,7Finish6:53.13,6+3.55,3MK12.(3)

Aktualisiert: So, 09.07.2023 – 16:34:14

Luxembourg Athlets:

Cat.#<>NameDoBNat. Loc.ClubStatusTimeOverall
MK1736.=Ferreira Carlos1980L-OberfeulenLux13Finish10:30.04,1Men1599.=(2706)
MK11392.=Laribi Samy1984L-RodangeLux13Finish12:51.47,6Men3365.↓1(2707)
MK11014.=Leider Eric1984L-WarkenLux13Finish11:20.04,8Men2278.=(2708)
MAK667.=Michely Luc1991L-OlingenMuselbikesFinish11:58.28,6Men2808.=(2837)
MK11345.=Schmit Toni1979L-LuxemburgFinish12:37.18,0Men3224.=(4512)
MK11193.=Seil Pascal1987L-BornMuselbikesFinish11:58.27,9Men2807.=(2838)
FK191.=Speltz Mireille Catherine1987L-MertertMuselbikesFinish11:58.28,6Women189.=(2839)
MK1873.↑1Weber Florian1987L-LielerUcneFinish10:52.28,5Men1932.↑1(4833)
MK11372.=Weber Jacques1975L-BascharageLux13Finish12:44.40,1Men3290.=(2709)

Aktualisiert: So, 09.07.2023 – 22:19:12 ⋅

01.09.2024 | START 6:30 A.M. | SÖLDEN


Ready for the probably toughest but also most impressive cycle racing experience that can be found in the Alps? Countless hobby athletes face the “Ötztaler” challenge every year. This unique cycle marathon pushes them to the limit as the exhausting sports event is not in vain considered a highlight in the racing bike scene and a true challenge for every racing cyclist. Registration can be made online from 01 to 31 January 2024, but you will need a little luck as the 4000 coveted and limited participants’ places are drawn by lot. The lucky ones can look forward to a starting place.


Ötztaler Radmarathon Registration

REGISTRATION ON 1.1.2024 FROM 11.11 A.M.



Due to the immense interest in the Ötztaler Cycle Marathon and the limited number of participants for safety reasons, all starting places available will be drawn by lot. Therefore all those who are drawn by lot have the option to register officially for the marathon by paying an entry fee.

Registration and participation in the Ötztaler Cycle Marathon (including side events) are based on the terms and conditions of registration and participation as well as on the currently valid general rules of the Ötztaler Cycle Marathon.

Author: Cyclisto Caffè