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On the first day of the second stage of the Baltic Cup, in the FIS giant slalom competition, which took place in the Italian village of Pozza di Fassa and is organized by the Latvian Skiing Federation, Austrian Kilian Pramstaller, who finished fifth in the European Cup stages, and Elizabete Bokok, who won the North American Cup prize-winning place, won.

Today, with the FIS giant slalom competition and a very large representation of countries and participants in Pozza di Fassa, the second stage of the prestigious Baltic Cup in alpine skiing began. For men, 78 alpine skiers from 17 countries competed, five of which were from outside Europe. There were a large number of North Americans – 11 Canadians and 10 Americans. For women, 54 alpine skiers also from 17 countries took part in the start, only several were not represented in the men’s competition. The total number of countries reached over 20.

For the men, the Scandinavians were in the lead after the first race, but even with the sixth time in the second race, 21-year-old Austrian Kilian Pramstaller, who was in the top five both days at the European Cup slalom last weekend, rose from fifth place to first in the changing results. He was only seventeen hundredths of a second behind the 2020 Youth Olympic Games combined winner Mikel Ramsey from Norway, who was also unable to show a Top3 time in any of the races.

On the other hand, the leader after the first race, Eirik Giskos, who was fourteenth in the Norwegian championship, managed to stay in the top three with the 19th time in the second race, 0.08 seconds ahead of the vice-leader after the first race and also the one who showed a much lower place in the second race (20th time) of 2023 the world junior vice-champion in slalom, Adam Hofsted from Sweden, for whom he won 9th place in the giant slalom at the world junior championship.

Two of the four Latvian representatives finished in the sum of two races – Gustavs Harijs Ābele and Robert Kupčs, who showed a very similar result, separating the two by only two tenths of a second. Gustav got 67th place, but Robert was right behind him in 68th place.

For women, the results at the top changed in the second race as well, but the only one who remained in the top three was the leader after the first race, Elizabete Bokoka. The American, who has been in the top three in the North American Cups three times, stayed in the lead with the third time in the second race and celebrated a fairly convincing victory, beating the Italian Alessia Guerinoni, who took the 25th place in the European Cup, by 0.66 seconds, who was the fastest on the second track. The award-winning trio was completed by the American Tricia Mangan, who has Olympic, World Championship and World Cup experience.

In the women’s competition, two representatives of Latvia took part, 16-year-old Sofija Fedorova took 42nd place, but the much more experienced Liene Bondare completed the first run six seconds faster than Sofia, showing a time of 41st, but made a mistake in the second run and did not finish.

Tomorrow, in the second stage of the Baltic Cup in Poca di Fassa, the participants will once again compete in the giant slalom, which this time together with the FIS competition will be the Latvian championship, so the competition is especially important for our country’s mountain skiers.

Pozza di Fasa on January 17, 2024

1st Run:
11:40 CET

2nd Run:
13:15 CET
Jury decission! The 2nd run of the women’s race is postponed to tommorow. – New inspection. The same 2nd run start list.

Author: Ski Team