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Sellaronda Skimarathon is the night ski mountaineering race that takes place around the Sella massif in the Dolomiti Superskiarea, Trentino (Italy)

A long time has passed since 1995, the year in which you were born and timidly people got to know you. Three decades have passed; since then you have grown, you have become accomplished and your charm has been constantly magnified. During all of these years you have demanded great effort, sweat and physical suffering from the athletes. In spite of this, the tears of joy, the moments of satisfaction and the pride felt by those who have cut across the finish line have been priceless.



Friday, 31 March 2023
10.00 a.m.
Opening of the Race Office at Arabba/Fodom, at the Church’s square (pavilion). There will be an expo of the main trademarks of the Ski-Alp Race sector.
Closing time: 04.30 p.m.

11.00 a.m.
Meeting of the International Jury

02.00 – 04.00 p.m.
Pasta party – Part 1 (to choose) in the Pavilion at the Church’s Square

05.15 p.m.
Check-in: Opening of the Starting lines on the slope at Sorieghe by the Portavescovo cablecar

06.00 p.m.
Start of the 29th SELLARONDA SKIMARATHON from Arabba/Fodom

Teams passing by:
Pont de Vauz: from 18.15 pm to 18.30 pm (first/last)
1* Passo Pordoi: from 18.35 pm to 19.15 pm
Canazei/Val di Fassa: from 18.40 pm to 19.30 pm (time limit-gate closing 19.20 pm!)
Lupo Bianco: from 18.55 pm to 20.00 pm
2* Passo Sella/Rifugio Salei: from 19.20 pm to 20.50 pm
Selva/Wolkenstein (Halfway): from 19.25 pm to 21.10 pm (time limit-gate closing: 21.00 pm!)
3* Passo Gardena/Dantercepies: from 20.00 pm to 22.25 pm
Corvara/Alta Badia: from 20.10 pm to 22.40 pm (time limit-gate closing: 22.25 pm!)
NEW! Passo Campolongo: from 20.35 pm to 24.00 pm (time limit-gate closing: 23.45 pm!)
4* Bec de Roces: from 20.50 pm to 00.20 pm
FINISH LINE: Arabba/Fodom: from 20.55 to 00.30 pm (time limit-gate closing: 00.20 pm!)

*=Top of climb

The map of the race

All these places can be found easely
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07.45 p.m.
Beginning of the streaming transmission of the race

08.55 p.m. approx.
Finish line: winner’s team/man on the central square of Arabba/Fodom next to the H.Furgler

09.20 p.m. approx.
Flower ceremony: man’s podium at the arrival parterre

09.30 p.m. approx.
Finish line: winner’s team women on the central square of Arabba/Fodom next to the H.Furgler

10.00 p.m. approx.
Flower ceremony: women’s podium at the arrival parterre

10.00 p.m. to 00.30 a.m.
Pasta Party Part 2 (to choose): Après race in the Pavilion next to the Church

11.30 p.m.
Official awarding ceremony of the 29th SELLARONDA SKIMARATHON in the Pavilion next to the Church

00.30 a.m.

  • The 30th edition of the Sellaronda Skimarathon will be held on the 22nd March 2024
  • The birthday of this incredible night time marathon on skis will be celebrated in Canazei

Just after the winter season ends, when ski mountaineers put away their work tools: their skis and skins, there is an impatient wait to find out when it is finally possible to mark on the calendar the next race date in 2024, and when the athletes find out they have to do so with a red pen!
The moment has finally come, we now know the date: it will be on the Friday 22nd March, this important date should be circled with a red pen on your calendar, when in Val di Fassa, more precisely in the village of Canazei the 30th edition of the Sellaronda Skimarathon will set off
At Canazei, what is considered the birth place of the Sellaronda, athletes will return there after six years, since the last time Val di Fassa saw the race depart from Canazei was on the 16th March of 2018.
During that edition the Swiss athletes Martin Anthamatten and Werner Marti won and the female race was won by Alba De Silvestro and the Swiss Jennifer Fichter. This last edition will remain in the heart of all participants for a long time
The difficult weather conditions, a copious snowfall accompanied the teams while they conquered the dolomite passes and an epic competitive battle between athletes were all added bonuses to this 29th edition.
Here are the results in numbers: the statistics of the last edition reported 535 registered teams (1070 athletes), the teams that did not toe the line were 53 for a total of 482 teams starting.
There were 17 nations represented. The percentage of athletes who crossed the finish line was 88% with 425 teams ranked, 51 teams retired.
In 2022 this percentage was 89% with 47 teams retiring. It is important to mention that there were 23 female teams who finished while there were 65 mixed teams. The 2023 numbers are practically the same as the ones in 2022 where the registered teams were 534.
Numbers have decreased compared to pre-Covid editions (653 teams in 2019) but compared to the drop in numbers of athletes in the world of ski-mountaineering, the Sellaronda Skimarathon proudly defends its racing tradition as the most beautiful night time ski-mountaineering race of the world.

Author: Skifredo